King of the Mountain
Trail and Enduro
Quivers killers with playful pops. The most versatile and fun full suspension mountain bikes money can buy. Award winning! Fly up, fly down, tame your terrain.
Fastest to the Finish
Cross Country
Big wheel bikes are intended to do one thing very well – fly. All stops were pulled to create these most efficient race-worthy sleds. Bigger is still better.
Go Long, Get Lost
Adventure and Gravel
The rally bikes of the Niner range. From dirt trails to gravel to asphalt, these bikes takes it all in stride and you along with it. Follow the road that curves out of sight – adventure calls.
Keep it Simple
Classic models and new models, all injected with a huge dose of YEAH. Featuring Niner’s patented Biocentric Bottom Bracket system for the cleanest possible solution for singlespeed use.