$2,700 inc. GST


$4,200 inc. GST

A 2-Star Build is designed to get Niner owners out on the trail, happy in the knowledge they got a great bike at a great price. Perfect for riders who desire a taste of how quality components can transform the riding experience.

$5,400 inc. GST

Field a loyal and trusty steed without breaking the bank. Our 3-Star Builds offer the best technical features from each manufacturer with an eye for substance over style. Great for riders who want a sweet bike but know that it's the engine that counts.

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$7,400 inc. GST

A careful blend of practicality and passion, 4-Star Builds know where to put the bling and where to get clever when it comes to optimizing performance. Perfect for the privateer racer or anyone who recognizes top-level performance but has bills to pay.

Buy Local

We only supply our frames and bikes through local bike shops, we believe firmly the service they offer is something we can't replicate via a website. Feel free to chat away to us, but when it comes time to buy, you will always have to go through your local shop.