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Niner/Soigneur 100% Merino Riding Jacket WAS $220 (2x XS only)


These Soigneur NZ Niner Jerseys epitomise all there is to love about mountain biking. The cold and rain are driven away and the beauty and warmth of sliding through mud leave you with a grin wider than you can imagine.

As with all Niner products these Jerseys have style and an unrelenting focus on exceptional performance.

These jerseys are the real deal: retro-styled hand-made merino wool cycling jerseys. Knitted in New Zealand by Soigneur NZ and worn on every continent.  At 19-microns, the merino wool used for Soigneur’s jerseys is the softest in the world, making the jerseys incredibly luxurious to the touch, while also smell-free, hard-wearing, cool in summer and warm in winter.


  • Long sleeve
  • Full zip
  • Three rear pockets

These jerseys are a unisex riding cut, follow this link for the sizing chart: If you prefer a women’s cut, please contact us directly after your purchase so we can ensure we get it made just so.